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Раздел новостей

9th Board Meeting and the General Assembly of the BSCSIF


On September 13, 2012, the 9th Board Meeting and the General Assembly of the International Fund for cooperation and partnership of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea (BSCSIF) was held in the picturesque city of Budva, Montenegro.

The extended format of the meeting was due to the participation not only of the members of the Board of Directors, but also the majority of BSCSIF full members, as well as distinguished guests from Montenegro: representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro, Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, Mayor of Budva, Mr. Lazar Radjenovic, the Ambassadors of the countries represented in BSCSIF in Montenegro, as well as the representatives of companies in the region and the media. The meeting was inaugurated by the welcoming speech of BSCSIF President, Mr. Victor Khmarin, and the speech of BSCSIF Vice-President, Secretary General, Mr. Eldar Hasanov about the performances of the Fund and the perspectives of further development.

During the General Assembly Meeting three most significant issues in the history of the Fund have been debated and approved: the adoption of the BSCSIF Strategy 2020, the training of national experts in each country represented in BSCSIF and their certification for European and international projects, as well as the establishment of a “Strategic Research Center of the Wider Black Sea-Caspian Sea Region” within BSCSIF, along with the adoption of its structure and provisions.

In the course of the meeting, new members of the Board of Directors were accepted: Mr. Livio Hurzeler from Switzerland, Mrs. Manana Sanadze from Georgia and Dr. Sadiq Mahvouzi from the Islamic Republic Iran, along with new full members of the Fund. There was a presentation of the company "OTR" (organizational and technological solutions 2000) Russia, as well was presented international project "Sun Stream" the company “Silicon-In-Ru”, that received a lot of support from the BSCSIF members of the Board.

As culture and education take an important part in the BSCSIF activity, a series of paintings and other objects of art from the countries represented in the Fund, were exposed throughout the Board meeting.


Strategy of the Seas Alliance development 2020


The expanded meeting of the Seas Alliance members took place in additional office of the BSCSIF Commission of innovations and investments (Moscow, Varshavskoe shosse 2), 8th of August 2012. During the session the Strategy of the Seas Alliance development 2020 was considered. Representatives of ministries and agencies noted the prospectiveness of chosen directions of development, in particular - the creation in Russia and at the BSCSIF countries the International innovative centers. Highly appreciated the project in the field of photovoltaics - "Sun Stream", which will be implemented in several countries of the Fund.
Phone of the BSCSIF Commission on innovations and investments and the Seas Alliance +7 (495) 788-86-13

International Fund of the Black and Caspian Seas: Investments to Russian Regions


The International Conference « International Fund of the Black and Caspian Seas: Investments to Russian Regions» took place on the 23rd of May in State Academy of specialists in the sphere of investments (GASIS). The Initiators of the Conference was Alliance BSCSIF including:

  • the BSCSIF Branch in Russian Federation;
  • the BSCSIF Commission of innovations and investments;
  • All-Russian Advanced Planning Fund;
  • International Center of Innovations and Investments (ICII).

The Conference was opened by the Director of the BSCSIF Branch in RF and the Chairman of the BSCSIF Commission of innovations and investments M.Zernov. He told about BSCSIF opportunities, directions of the work and about Alliance creation. The Head of the working group of Military-Industrials Commission (MIC) of RF Government A.Zherebin acquainted with the innovative developments in different spheres. The MIC group member A.Retuev presents the project “Interactive communicative Internet-portal (Atlas of Region, Virtual exhibition of innovative technologies) and the BSCSIF 14 countries expressed their wish to take part in this project. More than in 20 regions of RF responsible persons for the creation of the Atlas had been determined. The Rector of the GASIS A. Zbritsky revealed the main problems of consulting and personnel support of innovative projects. The Chairman of the Board of Advanced Planning Fund V. Bychkov called subjects of the Russian Federation for cooperation in the promotion of investment and innovative projects and attracting investments in regional projects. At the moment, are willing to cooperate with the alliance of over 600 investment companies.

Participants of the Conference were RF subjects and also embassy staff and managers of investment and consulting companies, banking structures of Bulgaria, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Switzerland and Estonia.

The outcome of the Conference was the signing of an investment agreement between the LLC "EcoProject" and ICII of the project implementation "Agro ecological complex" in the Rostov region, the volume of investments - 260 million U.S. dollars, and signed a memorandum of understanding with the Swiss investment company.

15-th Eurasian Economic Summit


15-th Eurasian Economic Summit was being held in Istanbul on April 10-12. On the event, organized by The Marmara Group Foundation (Marmara Grubu Vakfi), Russia was presented by the BSCSIF President V.Khmarin and the BSCSIF Branch Director in RF M.Zernov. 5 current Presidents, several Prime-ministers, members of the government and political activists of 50 countries took part in this Summit. Covered such issues as:

  • economics;
  • ecology;
  • sustainable development after the economic crisis:
  • energy;
  • intercultural dialogue;
  • women 2012: a search of future;
  • hunger, poverty and unemployment.

The 8th meeting of the BSCSIF Board of Directors


The 8th meeting of the Board of Directors International Fund for Cooperation and Partnership of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea took place in Istanbul – Turkey on April 10-13 the year 2012.  The project “Interactive communicative Internet-Portal” was presented by the member of the working group of the Military-Industrial Commission under the RF Government A.Retuev. The members of the Board unanimously supported the initiative to create a Portal and decided to delegate their representatives to implement the project in 14 countries of the region: Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus and Montenegro. The BSCSIF was added by three new Russian members - CJSC “STROYKONSTRUKTSIYA”, “TEPLOTSENTRSTROY” and A.Retuev as a natural person.